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* Ecomarathon et Educ Eco

Notre prototype Ethanol au Shell Ecomarathon2010 (en Anglais)

Par STEPHANIE MAS, publié le vendredi 14 mai 2010 13:03 - Mis à jour le lundi 7 novembre 2016 00:09



We spent between the 3rd and the 8th of May 2010 in Germany. We stayed in Lausitz (150 km south of Berlin).




We slept in tents and we had to cook our meals everyday.





We drank a lot of German beer (which is stronger and more tasty than French beer).




It was Pierre Durigon who drove the prototype car :


He did 8 rounds in 50 mn and 30s consuming 103.2 ml of ethanol. This corresponds to 364.5 km and we won the third position .



It was an international competition. There were a lot of other teams: Swede, German, Spanish, Moroccan, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese, Dane, English...


« Yes, I'm from Egypt...How did you guess? »


We visited Berlin and saw the Brandeburg Door (which represents the old frontier between east and west Germany. It was beautiful!

Look at the photo!


 There, we went shopping for souvenirs and some of us could buy small pieces of the Berlin Wall or « I love Berlin »T-shirts. We also visited a big shop where we saw a Bugatti Veron, one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world (hundreds of thousands euros...).

We had our lunch in a restaurant where we ate chicken, turkey, fish and potatoes.


We also visited Poland and there we bought cigarettes because there are less expensive than in France but we had to change our euros into Zlotys (Polish currency).

We really enjoyed ourselves but it was tiring. It was a great week and we got on well with the teachers but it was very cold and wet. Jérémy Seel's tent was like a swimming pool....




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